9 Global Foods to Make That Will Impress Your Friends

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Food brings everyone together! So, when funds have you firmly grounded, you can still fulfill your wanderlust in the kitchen! Whether you are having friends over or simply whipping up dinner for the family, these recipes are crowd pleasers!

Prepare you fussy eaters in the family for travel by letting them try new foods. It will take time, but eventually they will make it past hot dogs and mac and cheese, right?

Here are my top 9 picks!


Vietnamese Spring Rolls by Steamy Kitchen

Fill these with whatever your heart desires!


Udon Miso Noodle Soup by Steam Kitchen

When you need comfort food, skip the chicken noodle soup and try Udon Miso instead. It provides the same comfort, but with a new flavor!


Swedish Meatballs by Serious Eats

Have mercy! Was there ever a more perfect food made than Swedish meatballs? I am powerless against lingonberries on top!


Greek Pastitsio by My Greek Dish

When you begin to consider spaghetti or lasagna, opt for this delicious Greek dish instead! It’s a hands down crowd pleaser!


Mexican Churro by Just a Taste

Is there any real reason to not make these this exact second?


Can’t jet to Costa Rica? Trying eating this food today!

When I was in Costa Rica, I was told to add sour cream on top. It made an amazing dish even better!

Gallo Pinto by Striped Spatula


Shakshuka by Smitten Kitchen

May I suggest this brunch alternative?


Cottage Pie by Fifteen Spatulas

Not much spells comfort food more than potatoes! This dish even freezes well!


Chicken Curry by My Fussy Eater

Indian is my food love language!

Bon Appetite!


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