21 Reasons Why Big Families Beat Nutella on Pancakes!

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Big families! Often parodied, frequently labeled as insane, but never boring! You can’t miss them walking through the doors of Wal-Mart Aldi with their big ‘ol shopping cart  two carts of food from their first grocery store of the day. Be careful as their rugrats will be all over the cart, the floor, the their children will be helping retrieve items from the list and learning to be helpful. After all, in a big family, everyone has a job!

Big Families are NOT Weird

Seriously? Ever Google “big families are” and see what you come up with? Quite entertaining really! My family knew what we were getting into when we decided to become a family of six! We knew it would take a lot parent four children and do it well.  It takes more planning, more patience, more love, more money, more time, more, more! We wouldn’t have it any other way though!

Big Families are Fun!
Big Families are Fun!

So, why is it so awesome to be a big family? Here are the

Top 21 Reasons:

  1. We can divide into even pairs! Everyone gets a buddy! A buddy for you and you and you!

2.  The words, “I’m bored,” just don’t exist!

3.  There is always a hairbrush, hair tie, or pair of socks that may be borrowed!

4.  If the apocalypse comes tomorrow, we have plenty of food!

5.  If someone were to break in, we can all easily hide under our mountain of laundry!

6.  We get to learn from the start on how to live with a roommate. No waiting until college, let’s learn this business now!

7.  There is always someone to snuggle with!

8.  We can have an instant party by just adding cake and music!

9.  Someone is snoring in your room, just go into a different one! The one time in your life bed hopping is acceptable!

10.  You are guaranteed someone in the family will like the same music, food, or movies you do.

11.  More hands to haul luggage!

12.  You have a built in excuse for a messy house. Everyone can understand with that many people, you are bound to have messes!

13.  Surely one of them will keep me out of the old folks home, right?

14.  That’s five people that can remind you to pick up milk.

15.  That’s five people to remind you that you forgot to pick up the milk.

16.  It teaches you to listen to multiple conversations at once.

17.  You get to yell insane sentences that barely make sense, “Err…Jes…er…Pet…whatever your name is, do this thingy over here!”

18.  Built in best friends of course!

19.  There is always someone available to lend a hand.

20.  You learn really quickly that not everything is about you.

21.  You have a pretty good shot that someone will bring you toilet paper!


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