Surprisingly Easy Rental Villa Cooking!

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Easy Rental Villa Cooking
Easy Rental Villa Cooking

Vacation Style!

Everyone has their own personal definition of what a true vacation is. To some that means having zero in the forms of any responsibility or work to be done. These travelers tend to opt for cruises or all inclusive resorts. For others, a vacation is being away from home and getting to dine out and enjoy the sites of somewhere new. These travelers enjoy hotel or bed and breakfast stays. There are those with a wild spirit who want to get away from everything by camping. As long as they have a campfire and coffee, they are all set. Finally, there are those who have the desire to be away from home but have all the amenities of being at home. What these people crave is a change of scenery. These folks are villa renters!

(Raises her right hand.) “Um, hi. My name is Mrs. Traveler and I am addicted to villa rentals.”

Why villa rental?

I love knowing that I can toss a pair of peed in pants in the laundry if someone has an accident and knowing that we will have room to spread out and not be on top of each other. Villas eliminate the going to bed challenge of every toss and turn waking someone up. Where more than one hotel room is almost always needed for my family of six to stay, villas can host us all. “That’s not a real vacation! You still have to cook!” my mom once declared. She is a cruiser/all inclusive gal herself. No, you don’t have to cook, but you also don’t have to take four children to a restaurant while they are exhausted and pay for a meal they probably won’t eat anyway. You can get “take out” and eat it at a real table or on the couch while they watch television if we are being honest here. With that said, you can do most of the cooking for your stay before you even leave for your trip! Here’s how.



3 Weeks Prior- Plan a menu.

Some Ideas:

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Chili and Corn Bread




Ravioli Lasagna

2 Weeks Prior – Shop for Food.

Browse the Ads, purchase the non perishables, and containers.

1 Week Pior- Cook and Freeze

Whether you wish to simply prep the meals for cooking at the villa or to fully cook the meals prior to vacationing, a great deal of time will saved.

It doesn’t have to be hard! With just a little extra effort, you can eat home cooked meals and enjoy the savings from your efforts!


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