Flu Facts for Fall!

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Don’t have time to read all about the flu? Scroll to the bottom for Only the essentials!

Nursing students help to administer flu shots. Flu shot clinic Nov 26 at the School of Medicine building.
Nursing students help to administer flu shots. Flu shot clinic Nov 26 at the School of
Medicine building.

Sniffle, sniffle, cough! Flu season is rapidly approaching! The kids are just getting over the back to school crud, and yet with the cooling air comes increased risk for contracting the flu. We take all vaccines seriously in our home. We have to count on herd immunity to most diseases due to our daughter’s seriously compromised immune system. The flu could easily end her life. So, a flu shot for you! A shot for you and you! Everyone gets a flu shot!

No Flu mist this year!

There will not be an influenza mist this year! The Washington Post recently reported that it will not be available due to ineffectiveness in children the past few flu seasons. There is great concern at the Center for Disease Control that there will be fewer vaccinations this year due to children’s preference for the mist. It is strongly urged that you still vaccinated your children.

Changes in recommendations

The CDC has made some changes in their recommendations. It is now being recommended that everyone receiving the vaccine wait fifteen minutes to monitor for an adverse reaction. Those with egg allergies are being urged to get their shot at hospitals, clinics, or physician’s offices that are well versed in treating reactions.

What they remind us every year

As they do every year, the Center for Disease Control recommends that pregnant women get vaccinated. Here is their reasoning in much more complicated words:

“Pregnant women are vulnerable to severe symptoms and illness attributable to influenza. Physiologic changes associated with pregnancy, such as altered respiratory mechanics and changes in cell mediated immunity, might contribute to enhanced susceptibility.”

Let’s Debunk this real fast

The influenza vaccination does not give you the flu. You may have side effects from the vaccination, but they are nowhere near as intense as the flu would be should you be unfortunate enough to contract it.

Fast Flu Facts
Fast Facts


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