Funeral Package Costly Mistakes! Be Aware When Funeral Planning!

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With heavy hearts, we walked into the funeral home for the first time. It had only been a day since my father’s passing. I could feel the prickling of tears behind my eyes. Taking deep breaths and emotionally pushing every feeling into a deep and dark recess of my mind, my mother and I went through the funeral package. This was not just about honoring my dad, but it was also a business transaction. Cost for embalming…$500. Then came the costs for a casket, services, obituaries, and more. We had no idea that a funeral package was price negotiable, that we could shop around without feeling embarrassed, or that there was a Funeral Rule in place. These mistakes are costly when funeral planning, and the funeral home surely isn’t going to tell you! They are a business run like any other.


Funeral Packages and The Law
The Funeral Package and The Law

Funeral Package: The Casket

Now here I sit, as my child’s funeral looms sooner rather than later away, and I now know that I can shop for her final arrangements from the comfort of my home. I can sit in my pajamas and bawl my eyes out and choose what is right for my family and my child. By law, we are able to purchase a casket from anywhere we choose and not be charged extra for doing so by the funeral home. Did you know that people are only shown three caskets and almost always choose the middle priced one?

Options range from:

Green Casket for eco-friendly funerals.

Caskets for Cremation

Intricate Wooden Casket

Metal Caskets

Calla flower with leaves
Honoring Final Wishes Without Going Bankrupt

At the funeral home

With so many options to consider, I felt overwhelmed as we sat with the funeral home director. I wasn’t able to think clearly or without all of my emotions taking over. In fact, I was thankful that it was my mother who was having to make the difficult decisions. Now I’m sitting in the hot seat, and am taking this time prior to her death to make as many decisions as possible. I know later I will be too mired in grief to make better choices.

Funeral Planning and Costly Mistakes
Funeral Planning and Costly Mistakes

Here is a list to help you research A funeral package during your funeral home planning.

Funeral Package Checklist

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