Motivated mom, wife, daughter, friend, lifestyle blogger, motivational speaker (even if only to my kids) and more that has a dynamic approach to life, parenting, mental health, and traveling with her not so little but fiercely fought for family! Please be impressed by that sentence. It took me two cups of coffee to create!


I am honest about my triumphs and failures, my mental health and anxiety, my love of makeup, and coffee addiction. I can’t resist a good deal to explore this big world of ours, and we travel often! You will find posts about all things pertaining to my world. See below as to what those topics are!

You will be surprised at how you may relate to my family and me. 

A man standing still while everyone moves around him while he deals with his mental health.
Mental Health and Happiness

I hope I can share a piece of myself here with you. Please know that being honest and vulnerable is hard. Please be respectful and I will extend you the same courtesy.

Remember, it isn’t whether you agree or disagree but HOW you do so.

We are a family that is relatable to many people. We are a family of six. We understand big family issues, how hard managing time and resources is, and the general day to day craziness!

We spent eleven years building our family. We can relate to those deep in the infertile trenches and the deep longing, frustrations, and just how precious hope is. We know the deep strain it has on your mental well being. We have two IVF babies that we needed donor eggs to create. We understand nature versus nurture in a very unique way!

We have two children that we adopted. We can relate to the endless paperwork, home study stress, working with social services, and the deep fear that you will fall in love with a child only to have the biological mother decide to parent. A choice, which I would fully support, even if it broke my heart. We understand the mental anguish longing for a child causes.

We understand open and closed adoptions as we have one of each. We trans racially adopted, and can relate to a lot of the fears minorities worry about. While I am not a minority and in no way claim to understand their struggles, I do know the fear of having your own child raised in a world that sees color as a threat.

We have a special needs child. We understand just how hard balancing sensory issues, memory problems, and learning disabilities of one child with the needs of the family as a whole. We understand the fears, beauty, and stamina it takes to be an awesome parent to our one of a kind kids!

We have a terminally ill child. We understand the deep pain that comes along with watching your child progressively deteriorate. It’s soul crushing. We know just how hard it is to have more specialists than fingers and the stress of dealing with insurance companies. It is time to speak candidly about mental health issues that stem from this, and I work tirelessly to reduce the stigma!

We have a transgender child. We understand the great divides in this country and just how much fear can make people the worst versions of themselves. We didn’t see this coming! We stand up for the rights of our LGBT community, but wholeheartedly respect that we all have a right to our own feelings. Just remember that you are probably not nearly as likely to be killed simply for existing. So, I ask you to please be careful with your words. We take not just our mental health seriously, but that of all of our children who also see a therapist and/or a psychologist.

As a family, we work together  to make life a little bit brighter. We laugh a lot, have dance parties, advocate, and do a whole lot of traveling!

We believe in positive mental health and seeking out happiness!

Anxiety and Why It's Important
Anxiety and Why It’s Important

I believe with an open mind and a sensible approach, we can make this big world of ours feel a bit smaller and connected.

As a family of six it takes patience and an organized effort to make life easier and more enjoyable. Keeping a positive outlook and focusing on positive mental health is important. Learning to cope with anxiety, stress, and look good while doing it is something I focus on daily!

Let’s do this together, shall we?

How to contact me!
How to contact me!