How People with Anxiety are Treating Anxiety and Learning to Thrive in a World that Doesn’t Understand

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People with anxiety know it is something that can really ruin a moment! There you are one minute having a great time, and the next thing you know that pesky little beast has you sweating like you just ran the Boston Marathon and you have to leave immediately! Conquering anxiety feels like an insurmountable task, but you can do it! Even more, you can learn to make it less debilitating. I have yet to find a way of treating anxiety to totally kick it to the curb, but it is no longer in charge of my life!

No, I’m not a medical professional. This isn’t meant to substitute for professional medical advice. This is the experience from someone walking in your shoes. That is to say, I want to help people with anxiety to conquer it! Let’s take a look at this nifty little graphic on treating anxiety.

treating anxiety

Conquering Anxiety Infographic
Treating Anxiety

Can People with Anxiety really conquer It?

There are many out there that struggle with anxiety, a gazillion articles on how to cope, and even I have weighed in before. This makes me hopeful! In the same way that Nutella on pancakes makes me happy, the idea that with so much focus on the issue of mental health, there could be more understanding and medical advance! So, yes, I do believe that we will conquer anxiety and we will do it together!

In short, do this one thing today. No worries, I will find another way to boss you around tomorrow. After all, that’s what we first borns do best!

Take a Time Out
People with Anxiety Know the Importance of Self Care
  1. Take a minute today to slow the heck down. Sheesh, we are not superheroes! Sometimes we just need a minute. Take that minute to breathe, do some stretches, write, read, garden, shower without interruption (No, really. It can be done!,) close your eyes and just lay down. We aren’t shooting for major change today, but let’s take this small step in treating anxiety.

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